Combine your love for cooking and adventure in the remote Pacific Ocean in 2018. My friends at Floating Foundation is looking for a chef for their adventures, cruise through the remote islands of Tonga as you feed researchers and volonteers from all over the world! 

You can now apply for the dreamjob as a chef on Floating Foundations expedition in the South Pacific in 2018! I vouch for that you will have the time of your life with a bunch of lovely people and friends of mine. 


Floating Foundation is a platform that connects scientists, doctors, and communities, in an attempt to galvanise a new group of caregivers of the ocean. Floating Foundation have worked to support new methods and research into micro-plastics around reefs in the Pacific. They support the needs of remote communities by establishing ‘island medics’ and in 2018 they will also work with local fisheries officers, training them to conduct their own reef assessments in their newly established, community led marine reserves.


Fly into NZ and spend a few weeks with Floating Foundation, then set sail for the remote Islands of Tonga.
Ha’apai (Tonga) for August/September.
Vava’u (Tonga) for September-November.
Fiji for end of November- End of December

What you get:

• Free Food
• Free Accomondation
• Cruise through remote Islands
• Lots of Adventure
• Learn to Dive
•$200 NZD a week

What you’re expected to do:

• Buy your own flight tickets to NZ
• Provide necessary paperwork for Visas
• Cook two meals a day for 16-20 people
• Mealplanning and preparation
• Purchasing food and keep track of stock
• Help out on the boat if needed


Send your resumé to :

Read more about Floating Foundation HERE

Follow Floating Foundation on Instagram


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